Our Products are designed with emphasis on comfort,safey & Speed.we at Bharat Elevators incorporate modern technology to keep pace with the changing environmental and vertical transportation need on the 21st century.With High Quality Material,Trained and Experienced Man Power.We Provide Quality Elevators and Excellent after sales Service.

 - Easy Loading and Unloading is Ensured with automatic,wide-opening doors,which also provide access for people with limited         mobility,Travelers with baggage,and children in strollers,for example.

- The highly reliable gearless Bharat EcoDisc hoisting solution has an excellent tract record,with more than 1000 units operating in india.

- Relevant safety and accessibility standards and regulations are met and exceeded with all Bharat Equipment.


Bharat Elevators establishes new standards for Elevator Perfomance,reliability and design flexibility.Users need as elevator that will make their everday activities efficient.It should be fast,safe and reliable,simple enough to operate ever for older residents or passengers.Bharat elevators deliver all this,with comfort and style.

We have wide range of passenger elevators on individual requirement and use.All our passanger lifts are not only equipped with latest technology but also comply with all the safety regulations.We make customized passenger elevators which suites specific needs.

Passenger Elevators generally range from 4 passengers (272 kg) to 20 passengers (1360 kg) with the speed from 0.65 mps to 1.5 mps.we have various options for passenger elevators.

There are two type of passenger elevators.

1.Automatic Elevators2.Manual Elevators