Bharat MRL Uniquely combines performance,flexibility and design,which makes it easy to fit to the requirements of commercial,mid and high-end residential buildings.Helps you lower your building’s carbon footprint by using energy more efficiently.It combines no nonsense functionality and a truly machine room-less design-perfect for low and midrise building.It allows for the maximization of building space while keeping construction coordination and low costs low.Technologically advance elevatos that consume less power,have minimal impact on the global environment and harmoniously serve people and builidings with smooth,seamless operation.

Salient Features:

  • Machine-room-less technology that allows for extra room top space.
  • Consumes 70% less energy than a hydraulic drive.
  • Over lifetime of the equipment,the energy savings can amount to more tha the original cost of the lift.
  • Machine is housed within the hoistway, architects and interior designers have more design freedom.
  • Reduces carbon foot print.
  • Maximizing operational Efficiency and minimizing energy consumption.