Bharat series of elevators is introduces to cater to the vertical travel needs of Goods in various Industries.The Elevatos in this series are built to provide robust vertical transport,energy efficient,faster travel and higher uptime.These lifts many be used to carry various type of material like raw material or finished goods in various types of environments.we can provide for safe as well as for Hazardous areas where flame proof elevators are required.

We take a load off your mind.Our powerful elevator helps you manage even the most demanding transportation tasks quickly and easily.No matter the building type bharat modular elevator system completely adapts to your individual requirements.Heavy duty,high capacity makes sure that goods smoothly in every environment.

Salient Features

  • Fast and durable hoisting to cope with rough treatment.
  • Smooth ride to handle fragile loads.
  • Accuracy in leveling regardless of load.
  • Robust Interior finishes for car Protection.
  • Full-widht doors that maximize the usage of space in the car.
  • Smooth running,easy loading and unloading.